Cave Trips


New River Cave – Skylar Hopkins

To the Forest Room, Waterfall, and Planetarium. All horizontal, good for beginners with some endurance. This cave will be great for self guided trips as well!

Links – Trevor Motley

Love canyoning? This horizontal cave is for you. This is a moderate to advanced level horizontal trip that will require you to be ok with no floor, and be able to squeeze and shimmy.

James – Megan Junod

Great beginner horizontal trip with some crawling and tight-ish spaces.

Maze – Amy Skowronski

Intermediate Horizontal trip. We are calling this “intermediate” instead of “advanced” because there isn’t any exposure, traversing, or blatant danger. That being said, this cave is by no means a walk in the park. While we were surveying this gnarly masterpiece with few redeeming factors and trying to recruit folks, one man we took stood up at a meeting and said, “If Amy ever tells you a cave “isn’t that bad” I would like to warn everyone that she’s lying to you.” Very rarely is one standing at any given point in this cave. Many of the passages require squirming, wiggling, and creative profanity to get through them. This trip is not recommended for those who are uncomfortable with small spaces for extended periods of time or those who can’t fit through 9″ on the squeezebox. It’s also not recommended for people who can’t handle the leader singing at inopportune times. I am looking forward to taking everyone to one of my favorite/least favorite caves. Bring your elbow and knee pads, intrepid explorers, for general discomfort and mediocre crawls await you on this not very grand adventure!

Starnes – Randolf Colby



Clover Hollow – Dwayne Sykes and Jason Delafield

This beginner vertical trip will go down two drops (70′ and 80′) and go through the main tourist loop. The entrance to this cave will also be a great cave to work on your vertical if you are just starting to learn!

Yer – Eric Hahn and Phillip Moneyhun

This is a advanced vertical trip to Panzy Canyon. It will  be very wet, muddy, and tight, with some rebelays and wet exposed canyoning.

Newberry – Tommy Cleckner

A moderate level vertical trip out in Skydusky hollow. This trip should be doing the straddle pit loop,

Giant Caverns – Dan Crowder 



Chris Garguilo will be leading a dive trip to one of the area’s sumped caves. Must be certified to cave dive to be underwater, or you can sherpa gear and check out the above water areas of the cave. Contact him if you’re interested!